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Amazon Says Huge Rings of Power Bet Has ‘More Than Paid Off’ Teases Bigger Battles for Season 2 finale

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The episodic series Lord of the Rings by Amazon is a relatively difficult undertaking, but the risk has to be worth the reward. In a new interview, the studio decided to depict success and give a flashier future for The Rings of Power’s second season.

In speaking with Deadline, head of global TV for the Amazon Studios, Vernon Sanders said the company’s gamble on the Lord of the Rings series has “more than paid off.” The cost of television has never been more than twice as much, with its first season budget set at $6,65 million.

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In 2021, chief of the Amazon Studios, Jennifer Salke said the Rings of Power would need a “gross, global audience” to justify its price tag, a bar that seems like the studio has met and surpassed in more ways than one.

He spoke about what the series was breaking Prime Video records, attracting young viewers from 18-24. The show became known among a 100 million viewers. It also helped Tomlkien to succeed in his original work, making it a “company-wide success” because several of his titles were sold for several items at the top of the list of Amazon’s most sold books all the year.

The action of Rings of Power will increase the spectacle at the second time.

As the Rings of Power looks to the future with the iconic series’ biggest bad, Sauron, the show will expand its spectacle. Sanders noted the studio learned a lot from his first season with Lord of the Rings, and production on Season 2 refleases that by “bigger battles” adapted from the books.

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“We’ll be faster,” Sanders told Deadline. “It will be difficult for us to put more money on screen, as long as it does have a scale and scope of what we’re doing, we’ll do that.”

If you don’t have a chance to catch up on Prime Video, you’d better get on the radar. IGN said it took a while to try. But once again, it immerses us in a delightful fantasy world with a large ensemble and several intriguing subplots.

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