AMD Adrenalin drivers plagued with technical issues and driver timeouts after recent update (potential workaround) (or performance issue) (replaced) have been dealt with with some issues with performance and performance


AMD Adrenalin is a software package developed for the graphics card market. It contains many features, including performance improvements, and the ability to capture and share gameplay videos and screenshots.

Adrenalin also has an update to your graphics drivers. This updates you so well, you can keep the latest updates on your graphics drivers so you can utilise the best settings that keep the system running.

But the software is ignoring problems and difficulties that make it difficult for some users to take advantage of its services.

AMD Drivers performance and driver timeout errors.

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8), Adrenalin drivers were facing widespread performance problems and errors after the recent update.

A problem with the AMD adrenaline drivers. After one game, it will freeze for 10 seconds and then black screen. I had a message to the home screen with the message saying we detected a driver timeout on the system. Source

Sometimes when I am in control, the driver issues. Sometimes the monitor freezes and I am not able to do anything (alt + tab, nothing). I can only restart my PC, it’s the problem most common. Source

The problems seem to originate with the Adrenalin v22.11.2 drivers, which have caused several problems for AMD GPU users. It’s lag, freezing, crashing, artifact and underperforming hardware.

It’s a common complaint with user who complains about the timeout. Many people report it to be during games. That error may have been frustrating and disruptive because games can be crashed and required to restart.


While problem with performance and driver timing error have always been discussed at forums and in social media in order to seek a solution.

Potential workarounds

For this purpose, some users managed to switch to a different version of Adrenalin drivers.


You can install v22.5.1 drivers and see if it works.

We found a new report saying that the solution of this problem is to reduce the gizmosen levels to 3 x or try a different monitor.

Are you in PCIE 4x? Maybe your board has issues with it, try to backgrade to 3x in the bios settings. Maybe a BIOS update will sort it?

If you don’t have it around, try another monitor. This is unlikely to cause any damage, but you don’t know.

Don’t install any software like a afterburner or a HWINFO program, as it can randomly cause problems on specific versions. Source

Since the choice of the driver or the monitor may help resolve these issues, it is likely to be worth noting that these workarounds can’t work for everyone.

The team hasn’t yet acknowledged the problem. But we hope the developers will look at the problem and then rehearse the problem.

This is for us to look after the AMD website, and to see the channels for updates and information on how to resolve these issues and share the details here.

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