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AMD sacrificed its high range for the next few years

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As we’ve mentioned in the last few weeks, it is very likely that AMD won’t make out new high-end graphics cards in the new RDNA4 generation. Generation to hit the market in 2025.

The processor and gaming giant continues to focus on Ryzen processors, APUs, consoles, and even alternatives for mid-range and low-end gaming. But, graphics cards that could rival the best that NVIDIA has and will have to offer? You can forget this.

AMD sacrificed the high range for the next few years.

The costs of the production and development of these kinds of GPUs, despite the fact that it hasn’t yet been official, have now become justified in this decision. Aside from something that seems reasonable, it has been the first step of the AMD company in recent years. Costs that may not make sense considering that it would be very likely that AMD wouldn’t be able to compete on the road with what NVIDIA already has ready for the RTX 50 generation.

The real excuse is that AMD wants to save its production capacity together with TSMC to produce more complex artificial intelligence components. There’s the money where it goes at the moment. At this stage, AMD will take it from the other side and put it in the other.

The NVIDIA is doing the same as that. As you can imagine, NVIDIA has much more resources than AMD. It can do so using very different terms.

Is this what you think? Could you understand this sacrifice?

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