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AMD’s latest chipset software delivers ‘new program’ support and fresh drivers

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Windows users with AMD-based motherboards can download the latest chipset driver from AMD. Version is now available for download with bug fixes, new drivers, and support for new software.

What is new in AMD Chipset Driver

Here is the official changelog:

Release Highlights

  • New program support and some new drivers added.
  • Bug fixes.

Known Issues

  • Some driver names may appear in English on a non-English OS.
  • Uninstall summary log may incorrectly show the uninstall status as failed.

And here are the new drivers:

Driver Name Windows 10 Windows 11 Changelog
AMD I2C Driver

Bug fixes

AMD PSP Driver Bug fixes
AMD SFH Driver

Bug fixes

AMD PPM Provisioning File Driver

New program support added

AMD USB4 CM Driver Not applicable Bug Fixes
AMD S0i3 Filter Driver Bug Fixes
AMD SFH1.1 Driver New driver support added
AMD PMF-7040Series Driver New driver support added
AMD Interface Driver New driver support added

AMD’s latest chipset driver is available for the following systems:

Socket AM4 Socket AM5 Socket TRX40 Socket WRX80
AMD A520 AMD B650E
AMD B350 AMD X670
AMD B450 AMD X670E
AMD B550
AMD X370
AMD X470
AMD X570

And here is the list of supported processors:

Ryzen Ryzen Mobile Ryzen G Threadripper A-Series
Ryzen 7000 Series Ryzen 7000 Series Ryzen 5000G Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7th Gen
Ryzen 5000 Series Ryzen 6000U/H/HS/HX Ryzen 4000G Ryzen Threadripper 3rd Gen
Ryzen 3rd Gen Ryzen 5000U/H/HS Ryzen 3000G Ryzen Threadripper 2nd Gen
Ryzen 2nd Gen Ryzen 4000U/H Ryzen 2000G Ryzen Threadripper 1st Gen
Ryzen 1st Gen Ryzen 3000U/C
Ryzen 2000U

You can download AMD Chipset Driver from the official AMD website.

In case you missed it, AMD also released a new tool for those using its Radeon graphics cards. Called Radeon GPU Detective (RGD), it aims to analyze GPU crashes (also known as TDR) and help developers resolve them in new drivers.

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