American Lawyers fight US Over Chinese Rights to Newport Wafer Fab Semiconductor Fab


The Dutch company Nexperia, with a certain amount of Chinese capital, has reaffirmed its commitment to the American law firm Akin Gump. The decision is deterrent by the UK government to block the sale of a semiconductor factory called Newport Wafer Fab. The British authorities finally blocked the deal in November this year in order to point to national security. Now, US lawyers are required to challenge that decision.

Semiconductor factory, Newport Wafer Fab. From the source: Nexperia.

Akin Gump is to act for Nexperia in the companys that are asking for judicial review of the UK governments decision to block the deal. The legal system in England is very complex, so it won’t work without local representatives. For that reason, Nexperia has also hired a British barrister, Lord Pannick KC, who will help review the application for an annulment of the blocking decision.

Nexperia does not lose hope that the decision of the UK authority may be declared illegal, and the plant will be returned to the investor.

Interestingly, nearly two years after the completion of the deal to sell Newport Wafer Fab to Nexperia, a number of US Congressmen wrote a letter asking President Biden to block it, after which the UK authorities launched a new investigation. That ended with the decision to suspend the deal. The decision finally came in November and was obnoxious. Nexperia was obligated to sell its controlling stake, perhaps even to the former owners.

The action of the state government, warns in Nexperia, puts the production and the fate of 600 employees of the company, which is located in Wales. And in the United Kingdom, the Chinese company Wingtech Technology, which, thanks to the Worst Wafer Fab plant, can produce high-gap semiconductors based on GaN and silicon carbide (SiC) respectively. In addition to the advanced power and high-frequency radio devices, everything needs to be done.

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