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Among the latest releases, the Ubisoft Massives Star Wars game will be announced this year. Director Suggests that this will be the subject of announcements of the new movie, The movie’s name is also available

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Many Star Wars titles were confirmed to be being developed at several major studios around the industry, and one that will likely get many new and concrete details on this year is the open world game in development at Massive Entertainment, the studio behind The Division.

MassivesStar Warsgame has been promised its release back in January 2021, but it is probably in line to publish something fully in 2023 – at least that’s what a recent tweet from the creative director Julian Gerighty appears to suggest. According to Gerighty, who recently took Twitter, 2023 will be a huge year for us. Take a ride on this adventure. The tweet was as a picture for the Star Wars title, in case there was any confusion concerning what he was referring to exactly.

The series of the Star Wars is almost invisible at the moment, and it will certainly be an open world title. It was announced that shortly after the announcement, two years ago, it was reported that it was an early point of development, although probably at present it’s much closer. Massive Entertainment recently walked into the building looking for a playtester for his Star Wars project.

In some cases, the game could not be out until 2025, for instance Massive Entertainment already focused onAvatar: Frontiers of Pandora, which is scheduled out before April 2024 (and seem to be reaching its fair share of development issues, if any).

Happy New Year all.2023 will be huge for us.Join the adventure.#MassiveStarWars pic.twitter.com/NGqKMYImpc

Julian Gerighty (@sydney) January 1 x 2023.

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