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Among the many controversial names listed below, Rainbow Six Siege, As of December 21, 2022, includes ban trembles, and more

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Like any live service game, Rainbow Six Siege is a non-stop source of problems and bugs. Ubisoft recently updated the reports on the current known issues of Rainbow Six Sieges, and these relate to all of the latest features, from a fix for the Y7S3 Ranked charms to the Creating Squad bug.

The official Rainbow Six Siege tweeted the updates. This tweet has been sent with a text version below which can be customized for you.

This is a update regarding the current known issues. pic.twitter.com/fZWF8lhwjR.

Runs up Rainbow Six and defeated by Superb, 21 December 2022.

The First World War I published a List of New Issues, Dead at midnight, December 21.

  • A seamless fix has been deployed and Y7S3 Ranked Charm will be awarded correctly. Please come back in for this to effect.
  • We resolved issues that resulted in players being sloppy on Creating Squad and others receiving the error 8-0X00003700.
  • They had an accident and were deactivated right away while a fix was being worked on. Because they are not in the HUD, rest assured that toxic and cheating sanctions are still being issued.
  • We were aware that some players’ rollback issues affect MMR. We are making progress towards resetting their skill level and then compensating those players.

If you’ve been playing in a while, Y7S4 is in the midst of a new map and operator among other things. Detailed overview of the entire content will help you get up to speed.

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