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Amouranth invites fans to leave for the new makeover show Pimp My S*mp, which she plans to debut in

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You can get along with Amouranth (pic: Twitter).

Amouranth wants to go to a date with one of her viewers, but not before giving them a makeover.

After giving her fans thousands of dollars for singing her Christmas carols, Amouranth has come up with a new idea that would help her get home.

The Twitch streamer launches a new show called Pimp My S*mp, it could be inspired by the hit TV series Pimp My Ride. The show, which was directed in the early 2000s, had rapper Xzibit restore and customise cars aka pimp, in poor condition.

In a similar fashion, Amouranth is looking for a perfect fit for a lucky fan. From there he took his own word and shared a date with them with the entire world.

She is taking her role as a fairly Godmother so seriously that she confirmed shell, as well as pay for the winners flight and lodging as part of the all expenses paid trip.

If going on a free trip and date with Amouranth hasnt convinced you to apply yet, she will also give a large cash prize.

She added to her wardrobe that shell throw is also ready to add to her wardrobe.

Despite many members’ influence, the contest seems open to everyone else.

Most of her viewers thought the concept behind Pimp My S*mp was a cool idea and said they are excited to see how it turned out.

Even those who didn’t put their names down to the competition agreed that the makeover and an even date with the Twitch star would be a pleasure.

As a token, this idea sounds really ridiculous. I’m excited to see how this will be so good.

TheLadyFriend1 Gfuel Code: Lady (@ladyfriend1) December 27, 2022

It’s nice of you.At first enter me then will make somebodys day.

Sentenc (@That1SoulsGuy) December 27, 2022

To find out if you had won, you should keep watch of Amouranths Twitch channel, where shell will likely broadcast the casting process for Pimp My S*mp and the results live.

She held many unusual competitions, such as Streamer Royale, where streamers fought in a total Wipeout arena against each other.

She’ll co-host her own pageant, Mr. and Mrs. Universe, somewhere in March 2023.

NEW SHOW ON MULTILE! I’m s*mingling at my S*m.

One lucky viewer will win a YUGE CASH PRIZE AND THE CHANCE TO GET FLOWN IN A CENTRAL HELP + HOUSE & streamed IRL DATE. a all expense paid.https://t.co./1c4u166b0a/cms ntnnnnh

It’s FREE to get UP! pic.twitter.com/2N5-gcJCcThread!

Kaitlyn (@wildkait) December 27, 2022

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