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Amouranth wants fans to call her phone and sing Christmas carols

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Amouranth’s handing presents (pic: YouTube).

If you are confident that your Christmas carol singing abilities, call Amouranth, and you’ll win millions of dollars.

In bid to offer the holidays to the Twitch star a traditional contest, Amouranth held an unusual, yet fun contest for her viewers.

She encourages fans to call her and sing her a Christmas carol. It’s the chance to win over over $3,000 (2 480).

Also, if you want to use Holy Night and try to jam with Jingle Bell, why don’t you call Amouranth?

You can become a part of the competition, so you’ll have plenty of chances to get some extra Christmas money.

The streamer also said that those who call her should not sing in English, if their first language isn’t theirs.

In fact, choosing to perform a foreign Christmas carol could be the greatest choice of you who won at least a thousand o’clock (830) because you’re unique.



Most people do pic.twitter.com/hhkWk9x8lq.

Amouranth (@Amouranth) December 20, 2022.

Amouranth designed three winning categories for those who call their names: the best overall, the best adaptation and the random, with each winning prize worth a thousand dollars ($28) each.

Your singing often captivates you, but you can take part, too, since some random character encourages squeaky performances.

If you call me and sing a Christmas carol, you could get $3k. My name is in biosecurity.

$1, best overall $1, best adaptation 1k random (severe and more serious, and likely without cause at all) -multiple winners https://t.co. 3DIXI-Fot) -multiple winners (Assisting a a-to-five, sexting a-toe, the most generous) – – more random winners (Bundesdes, or one-dimensional, or more likely – https://t.co/rem/

Amouranth – Dec. 20, 2022 – Auranth, 22nd.

Amouranth, which is a fruit and vegetable grown in the months ahead of Christmas.

If you are a successful judge, you will need to watch her Twitch channel where shell broadcasts the calls and results live.

This isn’t the first time she took to an unusal contest, as she had previously competed in a Streamer Royale arena in the world.

Amouranth was to co-host her own version of the Mr. and Ms. Universe beauty pageant in early December, but that event was then rescheduled to March 2023.


Spring R (@SpringR 412) December 20, 2022

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