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Amputation of Aveum: Amputation has terrible consequences for the development studio

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From November 15 to 2523 at 7:15 in the Morning Time, Rhonda Bachmann Immortals of Aveum was released on August 22nd, but was bad for players. This has consequences for the developers Ascendant Studios. According to Bret Robbins, founder and CEO of the developer, nearly half of the employees were laid off on Twitter.

Ascendant Studios got bad news: As a Facebook page says, almost half of the studio employees will lose their jobs. As previously reported, the high sales of Immortals of Aveum, which were released after August 31st, were the reasons for the reorganization. Robbins said it was difficult for him to cut the jobs, but that was an even necessary decision.

Magic shooter didn’t go so well with players.

Immortals of Aveum was released only on the 22nd August. This title is currently very good on Steam. 72 percent of the more than 460 reviews that are currently submitted were positive. The single-player game doesn’t seem to attract many players so far. According to SteamDB, Immortals of Aveum reached a peak of 751 users shortly after releasing. The magical adventure begins today. A maximum of 44 players are expected to participate.

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Today, a close friend of the Ascendant Studios is a part of our team, writes a tweet by Ascendant CEO Bret Robbins. This was a painful, difficult, but necessary decision, that isn’t lightly made; however, now that Immortals of Aveum has shipped, we must make the adjustments.

The layoffs didn’t reveal how many employees the layoffs will be taking effect. Ascendant Studios, however, said that the developer had grown to more than 100 employees since its founding in 2018. According to a report published by a colleague of Polygon, 40 employees have now lost their jobs. CEO Bret Robbins reportedly announced the cancellations at a meeting on Thursday before making the move public on Twitter.

Featured: Computer Gamer, Polygon, SteamDB.

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