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An Ankou, an action-packed rogue inspired by the French folklore, is now available on Steam

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Alkemi Games, the studio behind Foretales, has announced today that their roguelike An Ankou is releasing on Steam Early Access. Players are now able to take on the role of their chosen servants, armed with a scythe and a skill in which their lives have been inherited, and lead the soul through a hidden demon-based realm.

In the name of Breton legends, An Ankou is the role of a player with a last dead life in the year and a lore of Death. Anko must lead lost souls up to their final rest, a simple task more difficult than a wave of demons and powerful bosses which make their way. To survive, Ankou has to collect resources, craft powerful gear, and complete a number of other side missions.

The game is combining intense combat and strategic exploration with dynamic progression to give the players a chance to return to the game. In ghostly open lands, hordes of demons fortified all the players’ advances.

Players will be able to choose between two playable classes: Soldier and Apothecary, which they’ve had before they became Ankou. Each will help you complete the task. The class list is being expanded to provide a dynamic experience and a sense of progress throughout the playthrough.

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