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An insider discusses the expansion of Li Yues in version 3.6 for Genshin Impact

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According to previous leaks, developers will continue to expand the desert in a north direction, but several hours ago, a verified insider stated that a completely different location will be added in this patch Chenyu Valley.

According to him, the area will expand Li Yue in the northwest. The village of Qiaoying is most likely located there, which was mentioned earlier by the mysterious merchant Ben. It’s famous for its tea and is the shortest bus to Fontaine. Given that the hydroregion will be added in patch 4.0, it’s not surprising that the developers will gradually open the door to it.

The informant told fake rumors that miHoYo will release two new locations in one update also. What about the canyon, the north of the desert, but? Even with the release of a new area in 3.4, the Dream Tree and the statues of Dendro Archon will never be able to fully absorb the most amount of space.

The insider released credible leaks in which the information was about the Dendro dragon and provided a map of that new area. Some suggest the developers decided to change their plans, releasing Kanyon as well as Dehya already in patch 3.5. It is really unlikely they will add it in the 3.7 update, when they are always quietly preparing for Fontaine.

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