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And far from the epic battles against Mordor’s hordes, this new video game Lord of the Rings promises to be comforting and cozy, as well as the hobbits!

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The Game news Doesn’t compare the epic battle against Mordor’s hordes, this new video game Lord of the Rings promises to be comforting and cozy as it gets a bit of the city?

Published on 25/2023 at 08:44, October 26, 1845.

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When we talk about the Lord of the Rings, we often think of a grandiose battle, a dark atmosphere and a painful enemies. That isn’t this, as it’s been in this new game.

Blood and dust dust.

Lord of the Rings appeared a couple of times in Tenth Art; as a result, of course, we were treated to experience with a dark, even oppressive atmosphere. To name a few from Shadow of War and Shadow of Mordor, but so did the very recent Gollum, where the story resides in the overwhelming Mordor. Without retracing the myth that the ‘Return to Moria’ will arrive next, a survival game that gives an epic but cavernous atmosphere.

Even though the area and its lore is so dense and the countryside rich, it is easy to say that often conflict between people and the people was the foundation of a series of books. Who says peace and rule, evil villains, and often huge and bloody battles.

And if, in the saga for the first time, the next title, called “again” focused on something different and more softer, then that would be good.

This is the Lord of the Lambs.

On Thursday, a new videogame was announced: that one will be titled Tales of the Shire and will be published by Private Division, a company founded in 2017 under the direction of Take-Two (which owns Rockstar or 2K Games, and the name of the new re-imagined, and the name has already been published by many successful individuals.

A rather original fact is that Tales of the Shire was created by Weta Workshop, New Zealand’s studio with the special effects of many major Hollywood films, such as The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, but also the Stranger Things or The Witcher.

A trailer, too, was released for the first time in the article for our player. The trailer doesn’t catch much attention at the moment except a young woman quietly drawing in a notebook. Your warm Hobbit life awaits you, we can read it all here, and in the description, please.

Firstly, it seems that this new software is based on a sunny and comfortable atmosphere, a possibility that the model of life in the shoe of a Hobbit resembles a simulation of a land-based environment. An initial proposal for the series!

The Lord of the Rings Tale of the Shire will be released in 2024, without knowing when exactly. There hasn’t been a platform yet, but we believe all of this should be revealed soon.

Find out more about the universe of the Lord of the Rings.

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