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Andernights infected boss battlefully combat gameplay revealed

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Hey Eternight fans. Jae here – creator of Eternights. Im hyped to show you a deep dive into the gameplay of one of my favorite bosses The Infected Hacker. There is a chance for everyone to attend.

For some reason, the infected hacked some Yunas social media (our popstar companion) and shopped on thousands of her fans by promising safety and shelter. The hacker asked the Yunas fans to bring their Yuna plushies with them, resulting in a wealth of bloody merch whose names represent each fan who died by his hand. When Yuna was confronted by all this, he doesn’t get even time to grieve or do it, before the monster that killed her fans brings over a sword made up of parts of different body parts eager to add another hand or two to her.

My boss thought of wrath, which I think you can tell through his furious attacks. The key to action at Eternights is timing. You should dodge at the right moment, right before being attacked, so you should get a perfect dodge and slow down time – the enemy can evade the boss in the following way. Not only that, but doing this also charges up your elemental gauge that when filled allows you to do a powerful elemental fist attack.

Complete a deal can not be so satisfying it can be too powerful. You can press R1 so you can inflict extra damage to enemies. If you get successful, you can charge the death blow meter, who is a sword skill that lets you deal a lot of damage to your enemies. One of my favorite swords is the Stinger, which is an attack that allows you to close the distance between you and your target quickly. You’re very helpful when your target moves fast.

For a bit deeper into elemental attacks, you unlock and upgrade them by attaching a closer to Yuna. The higher level the shield can be destroyed in one go. Now Yuna is a special weapon for fire. It can also be used to destroy ice barriers, that in fact the boss has three layers of wood. We should be closer to our friends.

The only trick is a sleeve of elemental fire that will destroy the sleeve. Every confidant has a set of confidant skills you can unlock, improve and use in combat. Yunas skill here is ability to create temporary healing pools that you can hold in order to replenish your health. Of course, if you can avoid enemy attacks during that process. This confident aptitude can only be upgraded by collecting or earning an individual collectible called White Essence. You should always be on the lookout.

It will need as much water as possible, The Infected Hacker is a hard opponent. He attacks every level, with his arsenal of different areas of damage prepared to damage you. He regains his true strength by defending his swords while also throwing out the new moves you have never seen before.

It’s a tough battle, but when you use all of my skills, I know you will be able to beat it. But what about this? After that battle there is a mysterious, little girl. What is that about? You must try to learn! Eternights is releasing September 12 on PS5 and PS4. Pre-orders are now available with a discount of 10 per cent for PlayStation Plus members.

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