Android 14 can learn more about Samsung and Xiaomi


Apple and Xiaomi have the best interfaces on the market. Because they feature the whole aesthetic component and provide a complete array of features to the users. In fact, they often go beyond Google’s operating system. It would also be great for Android 14 to pick up some things from Samsungs One and Xiaomis MIUI.

Android 14 is a good example of the same way Samsung and Xiaomi are presenting.

Lie to sleep by apps.

Another feature that makes good sense in Android 14 is a lack of functionality. No one likes it when apps run in the background so not to bother their sleep. Therefore, they aren’t able to use mobile phones like battery life, RAM and processing power.

There are third party apps on the Play Store that you can download that replicate this functionality. Nevertheless, they can’t be deserving and cause unintended problems. A built-in feature would be very good.

You might want to keep some of your apps locked for more privacy, such as the gallery, banking apps, investment apps, period trackers, dating apps, and messaging apps.

Blocblock the individual apps.

Currently, Android doesn’t have a feature that lets you lock certain apps with a password. As far as the Xiaomi smartphones allow, at least.

If you want to catch the lock, you can relax yourself. Similarly, they won’t have access to the apps that you want to keep private.

Check your battery as well.

Since we continue to use the smartphone a lot of years ago, the battery’s health is bad. This means that the charge is not as much as it used to be. In other words, it limits the battery life due to natural wear and tear.

You can check battery efficiency on iPhones, but on Android it isn’t able to use such a feature. If your battery fails at 800 charge cycles, it should remain around 80% of its maximum capacity. Since you charge your smartphone every day you want to replace your battery for two years.

Advertising Preferences

Google has announced My Ad Center. There are ways you can adjust your advertising preferences. In everything aimed at one to one more ad less likely. This tool is fantastic, but most people know it exists. It’s not yet in Android. If there was a menu that was used to access this function in the device settings, the process would be simple.

Automated lock control is more needed.

Android is known for being more customizable. Even though new iPhones have become a plus-favourity device, they now have better redesigned locks. On iOS, you can change the clock style, fonts and colours, and add widgets.

Samsungs latest One UI-5 makes it even easier to do much more. Unfortunately, Android doesn’t work by default. But Android 14 has new options for customizing the window.


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