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Android 14 comes with the expected feature. Here’s the information

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Google announced they postponed the release date for the Android 14 stable version in the past few weeks, as they continue to work on improvements. Mishaal Rahman announced that he caught a clue for the lock screen widget of Android 14.

Rahman pointed out on X (Twitter) that he discovered a new SystemUI function called widget kinkeyguard. This function indicates that Google will return widgets to the lock screen.

Some analysts think that Apple is adding the widget structure to the iOS lock screen and Google will restart the feature in upcoming Android. It’s also claimed that the new feature will be exclusive to Google Pixel devices.

Android 14 will now be released.

Googles Android 14 isn’t finished yet, therefore the release of the stable version has been postponed. I’ve got the details right now.

In addition to the new feature, the latest version lets you change the shortcuts on the lock screen. The shortcuts in the lower left and the right hand corner of the screen can now be replaced with the application you want.

Now, you can choose from several apps and actions instead of default shortcuts. You can use the camera application, the Do not Disturb mode switch, Flashlight, Google Home app, the Mute switch and the QR code scanner directly from the lock screen. Simply click the Wallpapers andamp; style menu in Settings, select the Lock screen, and go with the Shortcuts menu.

The following problems have been fixed by the latest Android 14 beta update.

There were various problems which caused a resuscitation of devices. Fixed issues that could disrupt the cellular connectivity of phones using E-UTRAN New Radio Dual Connection (ENDC), when connected via 5G NR low-band frequencies. I have seen a problem with the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet devices, when it comes to fingerprinting the sensor. Fixed an issue causing Perfetto tracking data to slip onto Pixel Fold devices. Fixed an issue that caused animations to get stuck on Pixel Fold when watching or tapping the notifications of a call. When using Pixel Fold devices, some times with the fingerprint sensor, we fixed a problem that caused the system UI to crash. Fixed an issue with Pixel Fold devices that caused the screen to flip when the device turned on. Fortunately, a hack broke up on Pixel Tablet devices, sometimes even the color bar appeared or flicker before the device was unlocked. On Pixel Tablet devices, the device fixed an issue that caused the system to play the wrong sound when inserting or removing it.

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