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Android could offer an option for device-linking like Apple’s Continuity

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Google is planning to develop a new feature that will allow the user to link their Android devices together with a Google account. Change between the calls would support the connection between two devices.

According to the latest details revealed on Twitter, which had been named for Android developer Mishaal Rahman, the new link Your device may allow for call switch capabilities, like mobile phone access. There may also be an Internet sharing feature, such as setting up personal hotspots across linked devices, or perhaps sharing Wi-Fi data.

This is what Apple has offered for a long time on the iPhone. For example, Apple Mobile Calls allow users to make and receive calls from Apple devices using the same Apple ID, as long as they are on the same network as the Apple iPhone.

You may soon be able to relink your Android devices together, sign up for the same Google account. This can be done through “call switch”, which switches between devices and calls, as well as using “Internet sharing”!

H/T @Nail_Sadykov pic.twitter.com/WCunYNE9GQ.

Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) August 10, 2023.

However, Android Authority points out that Apples don’t let you make or receive calls from a other iPhone, while Google has a feature that indicates that it will work across all Android devices. That could make Android call switching a huge win for those who need 2 mobile phones.

Apples iPhone includes sharing features that allow users to connect devices to Wi-Fi networks, while features such as that allow you to share Wi-Fi with other peoples or with other individuals’ Apple devices, as well as those signed into your Apple ID.

At last, it is still to be seen how the Link Your Devices feature works. How much time is Rahman has in all the way. Rahman says the feature will appear on Settings > and Google > and app devices & sharing once it is released.

I must guess, I think Google is probably going to announce this feature alongside the Pixel 8 launch later this year, but that may be some other time.

Source: Mishaal Rahman Via: The Verge, Android Authority.

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