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Android users may soon be able to connect their devices, similar to Apple’s Continuity

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Google is reportedly developing a feature allowing Android users to easily link their devices together if signed into the same Google account. This linking could enable convenient features like call switching and internet sharing between devices.

The feature was spotted in development by a researcher, who found evidence of a new “Link Your Devices” menu planned for the Settings app. This menu would likely appear under Settings > Google > Devices & Sharing once rolled out.

It is worth noting that Apple has a similar feature called Continuity. It includes features like Handoff, Universal Clipboard, AirDrop, Continuity Camera, and Continuity Markup.

While full details are not known yet, the Android’s linking appears to enable the following based on what we know so far:

  • Call Switching – Receive a call on one Android device, then switch/transfer it to another linked Android device. This could seamlessly taking calls across multiple phones or tablets.
  • Internet Sharing – More seamless tethering and hotspot usage across your own Android devices.

The call-switching ability is particularly interesting, as it could work between multiple phones. Apple’s Continuity does not offer this – you can only pick up iPhone calls on Macs and iPads, not other iPhones.

Google’s implementation appears to rely on Google Play Services. So any Android phone with Google services should get access once the feature rolls out. However, it is possible that it will be available for Pixel models first.

This linking and call handoff ability would bring Android closer to Apple’s ecosystem integration. It could make it easier for Android users to switch between devices and improve continuity.

Recently, Google’s Nearby Share app made it much easier to transfer files from Windows computers to Android (and vice versa).

In case you missed it, Google rolled out Android 14 Beta 5 today. It squashed 29 bugs, 6 of which are for Pixel devices. This update patches the battery drainage during video playback and background Wi-Fi scanning.

Source: Mishaal Rahman via Twitter

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