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Announced mobile game based on anime. Hope to meet you in the dungeon, Is it OK to try Pick up girls?

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This new role-playing program will be released soon. Is it OK to try Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? The tale of Myth the Romans was brought up by the anime series The King of God’s Man. The game is currently being developed for mobile devices running iOS and Android, and is expected to be released in Japan in the spring of 2023. There are still no world stories.

Familia Myth Battle Chronicle allows players to relive history and famous battles from anime. The developers promise a simple combat system, but also thorough with diverse attacks, familiar special moves, and escapes. The game announced that King of the Sea was made possible by automatic battles, where the composition of the team plays a key role.

Are the girls in a dribble illegal? This is a Familia Myth Battle Chronicle.


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