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Apex Legends bans over 2,000 Cheaters Ahead of the Harbingers Collection Event, Aims and Games

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Apex Legends developer Respawn banned over 2,000 accounts for cheating. The move comes after the Harbingers collection event next weeks. According to a note posted in X/Twitter, the studio said it identified and removed over 2,000 cheaters and reminded players to report any suspicious player activity by putting his in-game tools.

Apex Legends Opens New Event 2000 Cheaters Are Out of Fun!

The Harbingers Collection event where our Legends will take off on all platforms on the 19th September and includes Living Shell Trios, Worlds Edge After Dark and the usual cosmetics.

The Living Shell trio sees us as the messengers of death. It will give players a grenade called the Rev. Shell, which seeks enemy targets and explodes on impact. The Worlds Edge After Dark aims to introduce a hellish version of the Talos Battleground, complete with the newly resurrected Train.

This event allows you to unlock items in a Rewards program. This may be the case with 24 limited-time cosmetics like Gibbys Grave Protector, and matching Eclipse Bringer Charger, plus Fuses Heirloom. You should unlock all of them before the event ends on the third day of October. You get Fuses Razors Edge, a electric guitar that can be attached to the enemy.

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Of course all the cheats in this game will be demonstrated with all new gameplay elements and all the prizes and prizes in the event. That company believes users should not be discouraged in reporting cheating. If they find any suspicious behavior they should report it using the training tools.

In similar news, Respawn Entertainment opened a third studio. Those companies are planning to make its free-to-play battle royale title Apex Legends a 10 or 15 years or more franchise. This is certainly an ambitious and challenging goal. The game will be to constantly evolve and make the game more engaging.

Respawns new studio, which will work in partnership with existing teams in Sherman Oaks, California, and Vancouver, British Columbia, is in Madison, Wisconsin. It’ll be focusing mostly on supporting the development of a game of game games.


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