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Apex Legends Fans have trouble looking if they want Titanfall 3

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The Apex Legends and Titanfall community have been energized over the last few days, because Titanfall 2 has just received its first multiplayer update in years. The two games have similarities to the odd egg found in the latest patch notes for Apex Legends. Those fans think that Respawn Entertainment is planning a project.

The biggest and most unexpected announcement to come out of this would be Titanfall 3, while the two communities are tempering their expectations. Even so, they can’t really decide what they think will be the best and most reasonable outcome.

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Fans Can’t Decide if they Want Titanfall 3 or Titanfall DLC for Apex Legends.

One fan of the main games subreddit recently sewed a post describing various things that the developer was doing and how they all align to one next and indicate a potential reveal.

There is something happening with Titanfall 2 (recaps of recent events) byu/McManus 26 inGames.

There are two main parties involved. First, Titanfall 2 has received a multiplayer update that makes it playable for the first time in a few years. To run into that update, servers often lost players, and it was virtually impossible to remain in an event. The game is also on sale now, drawing in more players, though this seems to happen every time on Steam.

Another part of this conspiracy is the latest patch notes for the Apex Legends. Their car has 3 different code. After code was coded, they revealed the dates of the release of Titanfall 1, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends.

The original poster then jumps that the anniversary of Titanfall 2 October 26, roughly coincides with the next season of Legends beginning on October 31, 2023. Due to this, they believe an announcement for something Titanfall-related is coming.

Fans are still keeping their expectations low. They’ve been here before. I hope that there is either one other Titanfall game in production, or those getting some sort of content for TF2 but I think a part of my brain is desperate for more Titanfall, and I feel like being cynical and expecting nothing is probably the best play here.

They were talking about the chance of Titanfall 3 being great, but how a battle royale Titanfall game would be terrible, even if this is a new game in Apex Legends. The single thing that makes an v titan combat bearable is the insane mobility of TF2. Without that the robot is being shot by it.

Fans end up getting a lot of thought. They either want a new single-player Titanfall game, or a new DLC for Titanfall 2, or a new cosmetic DLC for Apex Legends. Both worlds have no business splitting in other ways, but with players. Even in the worst case where the ability to share the fat of the feed for Apex drops to a TF2 level.

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