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Apollo: Antwerp judicial order: Trilogy rewrites new details At the TGS 2023

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Capcom dropped a few items for several games at Tokyo Games Show 2023, as well as new information from the Apollo Justice Institute. The company released a new trailer, which we haven’t seen for you here, as you can experience the trilogy in two-thirds as expected, the graphics, the cutscenes, the original content improvement, and more. Plus previously released DLC will be added to the game, completely free, giving you the complete package for the first time in one title. The game will be released on computers and all three major consoles on January 25, 2024. Thanks for this trailer!

Credit: Capcom

“Sorry to the classic courtroom showdowns from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney,Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies, andPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice within only a few months. Prospective defense attorneys can study Apollo’s cases and tribulations fullest through improved HD resolution and smoother animations, all presented in a 16:9 aspect ratio for the entire collection. A new UI will be added to the modern screen sizes, along with an improved menu and system feature, so players can use the courtroom catharsis!

  • You can then play with playing backgrounds and music, and watch the thrilling action of the Games.
  • Orchestra Hall: Relive key courtroom moments with 175 music tracks, including songs from previousAce AttorneyOrchestra Concerts and background music from each title in the collection, and animated chibi characters playing with the music.
  • Previously available DLC: Players can enjoy all the content released as paid DLC from titles within the collection, such as costume packs and special episodes, free!

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