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* Appex Legends Update 2.31 for August 21 (Update)

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Respawn has deployed Apex Legends update 2.31, and this is another unannounced patch for this game. Since we have just found a huge Resurrection patch, don’t expect any major changes from the current patch. Read on with the latest updates and updates for the 21st of August.

Apex Legends Update 2nd April | Apex Legends August 21 April

Update: Respawn released the official notes for today’s update.

In the match summary, a prominent status bar appears again in the top two of the players’ scores. Players who play a Mixtape in progress cannot have more abilities disabled. The timer for Revenants Forged Shadows last doesn’t leave until the last time.

Respawn hasnt released the official patch notes yet, but heres what’s being fixed as per the official Apex Legends Trello board:


  • Playing at 165 FPS can cause stuttering during some gameplay scenarios.
  • Legends may flip when a person exits a Trident.
  • Crashes referencing FS_CheckAsyncRequest when loading maps in a map.
  • Revenant often isn’t pointing towards the direction he’s shooting in.


  • Using our own eye/eye, it is hard for us to see those other players and teammates damage/stats while spectating against the other team.
  • Rerolling challenges can be difficult.
  • [Valkyrie] Blade clapping when coming back to the lobby.
  • Any badge you’re giving is static and animated.
  • The idea is not that Legend won’t unlock the game after completing any challenge until it’s rebooted.
  • In the back of a match, a white pixel is added — near the stats on an individual player’s pawn.

I really want it. Once the official patch notes are out, which we expect any minute now, and keep the update update.

Update: Official patch notes were added courtesy of Respawn.

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