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Apple Design Award Winning Puzzler Railbound celebrated his first birthday with the Big Apple version 3.0 Update Next week

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Just before the first release of the following year, Afterburn Games released the game Railbound, a brilliant logic puzzler that focused on a route and connecting train parts in the proper place. Railbound had plenty of fun, great visuals and sound and a charming little story tied together. I’ve chosen that as the Game of the Week. Apple has chosen it to be the Design Award winner of WWDC for several months now, which is a huge honor. With its first birthday coming up and the shiny Apple Design Award in the belt under their belt, Afterburn wanted to celebrate these iconic moments of Railbounds life, in their best way: By releasing a new content update. Here is a sneak peek at Railbound version 3.0.

As you can see, the new feature in the 3.0 update is two locomotives. There are two different types of cars to turn their cars into their respective locomotives in proper numbers. That hurts my brain just thinking about this. In addition to other tasks, the two-locomotive skill will be enhanced with more than 40 new levels. Version 3.0 includes cloud save, so you can hop between the two devices. And what good is an update without a lot of fixes and improvements? They’re also here. Railbound’s version 3.0 update arrives on its first birthday, next week, on September 6th, on mobile and computer platforms, with the Nintendo Switch receiving this update a little later.

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