Apple don’t expect its iPhone 15 Mini a lot due to a leak


Apple plans on keeping quiet on the iPhones, after skipping the model in 2022, then related to 2023, the line iPhone 15 which won’t see the decrease in model according to some leakers.

The phone, now in the same year, has moved the iPhone 4 out, replacing with its opposite, or the Large iPhone 7 Plus, which doesn’t seem to have met much attention in the public, due to the less positive sales. If you are going to know the facts, he’s not going to have a hand and knows the lesson.

However, in order to justify the much higher price, the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Ultra will continue to have numerous exclusive features as well as standard models, and the idea would seem as though there was no compact model in sight.

According to LeaksApplePro, a Twitter account that has made it very timely about the Cupertino house issue, there aren’t plans to launch a 15-mini iPhone in 2023. This makes the iPhone 13 Mini the latest compact phone of Apple, and it looks set to remain in its resurgence so that it remains available all the time, even though sales of the 13 Mini have been proportionally higher than the iPhones. I’ve added a second.

Besides that the company is ready to use a compact solution, Apple has also been able to market it, but perhaps the company wants to follow other guidelines for 2023, if there are details of the next generation of smartphones. In a case of any speculation, the iPhone 15 Pro may not have physical buttons for power and volume, and according to a sources like this, we also know that the iPhone will have to adopt USB-C, as confirmed by Apple, even if it’s uncertain whether it’ll be introduced as early as the iPhone 15.


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