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Apple forbade its technical support to say anything about the radiation increase from the iPhone 12

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With the increased concentration of electromagnetic radiation from the iPhone 12 smartphone, Apple has prohibited its technical support workers from telling anything about this problem, writes Bloomberg.

Where customers ask the French government to clarify the evidence that the number of electromagnetic radiations from iPhone 12 smartphones is acceptable, technical support cannot say anything about it. We should also reject customer requests for refunds or replacements for this reason if more than two weeks have passed since the purchase of this gadget – a commonly practiced method for Apple. In order to ask about the safety of Apple smartphones, employees must explain to their customers that, despite the rules, all Apple products are evaluated thoroughly and undergo thorough testing to confirm their complete safety.

Earlier this week, France announced a temporary ban on the sale of the iPhone 12 in the country due to the exceeding the recommended e-mail standards. The government gave Apple two weeks to resolve the problem by software updates.

Apple has denied the claims that the iPhone 12 is unsafe, and said that it is cooperating with the French government to prove that smartphones meet all technological safety standards. The company added that it has already provided the government the possibility of independent testing results for these smartphones, which confirm the use of electromagnetic radiation within their standard. Today, the French regulator has also announced a software update for the iPhone 12.

In addition, after the release of the ten-thirty iPhones, Apple announced the abandonment of sales of the nine-thirty-six-thirty-o-six-tyre-op models, first introduced in 2020. Even with this announcement in France, millions of people fear about this device. According to Counterpoint Research analysts, Apple sold more than 100 million of these phones in the first six months of the iPhone 12.

When France was speaking, other European countries, including Belgium and Germany, also initiated testing for the iPhone 12 smartphones to test for increased magnetic radiation.

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