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Apple has decided not to ruin the market

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After several weeks, or even months of watching rumors claiming the price of the new iphone 15 range would disperse the mobile market, because everyone and their dog would raise prices in response to the latest Apple smartphones, heres what the North American giant appeared with Prices that are even decent!

I am amazed!

Apple has decided not to ruin the market.

This meant that something of what we said would happen. Apple launched 4 new iPhones, brought the cheaper models closer to Pro models, and introduced a new titanium-based version to the ecosystem. Unfortunately in the standard versions the price has even dropped. In more cases in the more Pro versions, it’s quite easy for all users.

This price has a very high price due to the Android market, which is a little more expensive with no end in sight. In fact, I find Apples prices far more attractive now compared to many rinsuring proposals on the other side of the street. The base iPhone 15 starts at 989, while the first iPhone 14 starts at 1039, while the first iPhone 15 starts at 1249, as was last year the first iPhone 14 at 1349.

Yes, that’s crazy. Apple decided not to raise prices in the year when everything seems to increase in price just because!

This has been one of the most boring events in Apple’s history, though it’s all good news.

Whether you agree with me or not, even if we talk about very interesting smartphones, it can be a little expensive update for anyone who has a recent smartphone in their pocket.

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