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Apple has reportedly stopped work on the Vision Pro 2 in favor of cheaper MR headsets

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In February, Apple officially began selling its Vision Pro mixed reality headset. It was a bold new product launch for the company, and it also came with a bold and expensive price tag of $3,499. There were also other issues with the device as noted by reviewers, including its weight and relatively poor battery life. There were also unconfirmed reports that the Vision Pro just didn’t sell well.

Today, a report from the informationVia unnamed sources, Apple claims to have told its parts suppliers that it has decided not to move forward with development of the full-fledged follow-up to that headset, the Vision Pro 2. Instead, Apple will put its focus on a cheaper MR headset, reportedly codenamed N109 .

According to the story, Apple wants the cheaper headset to keep the high-resolution display that the current Vision Pro has. However, to make it cheaper, it will try to get rid of some of the original Vision Pro features. Apple also reportedly wants to make the new headphones a third lighter than the Vision Pro.

The report claims that Apple’s goal is to launch the new headphones at a price comparable to that of the current luxury iPhone, which is about $1,600. While that price target is certainly less than what the current Vision Pro has, it’s still a lot more expensive than the Meta Quest 3, which costs $649 for its highest-end model. The story says Apple is targeting a late 2025 release for the cheaper MR headphones.

Earlier this month, Apple announced that the current Vision Pro will finally go on sale in countries outside the US. Pre-orders for the headphones have already begun in China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore for a June 28 launch. On the same day, pre-orders for the Vision Pro will begin in Australia , Canada, France, Germany and the UK, with its launch taking place on July 12.

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