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Apple is reportedly working on AR glasses but they may not launch for a long time

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Last week, unverified reports claimed that Apple had decided to postpone the development of a full-fledged successor to its Vision Pro mixed reality headset, in favor of a cheaper version of the device, for a possible launch in late 2025. Now there is an announcement that the company has restarted the development of augmented reality-based glasses.

As early as 2019, unconfirmed rumors claimed that Apple was working on AR glasses for a 2023 launch, in 2022, other rumors claimed that the same Apple AR glasses would launch in 2024.

Now that the first Vision Pro MR headsets have been available for sale since February, Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman, in his Power On newsletterApple claims today that it has “renewed efforts to develop only AR glasses”.

However, Gorman, using unnamed sources, says the development of these products is still in its early stages at Apple. He said that according to his sources at the company, Apple doesn’t think this new product will be ready for several years.

AR glasses are seen by many as a way to offer smartphone-like features in wearable headsets that don’t offer the bulk of traditional MR headsets like the Vision Pro or the devices in the Meta Quest family.

There are the Meta Ray-Man smart glasses you can buy now that have a built-in camera that connects to your smartphone. Meta hinted it was working on him A more advanced AR glasses product for the future.

There is also XREAL, who have developed a family of AR glasses, which again connect to smartphones. Last week the company announced the XREAL Beam Pro, a smartphone-sized Android tablet made specifically for its AR glasses that will launch in July. It will be interesting to see what Meta and XREAL come up with for future AR glasses, even though the team in Cupertino will be working on their own product for the next few years.

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