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Apple makes batteries repairs a lot more costly Aroged

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Apple announced on its website it plans to increase battery replacement rates from March. That is one step up to 60 euros.

Apple is unable to sell any goods. Apple reports that customers will still get the batteries of the iPhone 14 series replaced at the old rates after March. A price increase is, therefore, limited to a newer version of the iphone. Apple and iPhone battery repairs are booming, too. The rate of fees is just for repairs not covered by Apple’s factory warranty.

Apple battery replacement rates are low.

With the exception of March 1, 2023, Apple will increase the cost of replacing Apple’s MacBook, iPhone and iPad batteries. Apple will charge 24 euros more for iPhone batteries from here. This will add the battery charge to 99 euros in an iPhone 12 and 13 ($2). If you own an iPhone 6 or 8 or so, you will pay 79 Euros from now on. The cost of replacement for the iPhone 14 series batteries would remain the same, with a repair cost of 114 euros.

Relacing iPad batteries will also cost more than a month from March. A resuscitation of the base model is enough: a resuscitation is needed. For the iPad Mini, Air and iPad Pro, it is a huge increase of 40 euros a time. Now the battery replacement of the iPad mini will cost 149 euros instead of 109 euros. The battery costs 259 euros on the iPad Pro on March 1.

When it comes to battery replacement, MacBooks are a huge problem. The battery on your MacBook Air is replaced on March 1, so it will cost 185 euros. For most customers with a runner-up, the cost of the repairs exceeds 289 euros.

Apple can repair the manual.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is expected to also implement the rates on its Self Service Repair program. This service will let you get everything you need to fix your iPhone. Many parts in this program are the same price as in Apple’s service centers. This means the tech company likely discourages the less technically qualified customers from performing such repairs themselves.

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