Apple moves the iPhone, Apple’s production line


Apple has been in a long period of trouble with the delivery of the Pro models from their iPhone series. The problem stems from the Corona outbreak in the Chinese factory.

Almost all iPhone Pro models are now manufactured by Taiwanese Foxconn. There are different Chinese factories which, in fact, are used in Shengzhou province. The factory was closed due to an earthquake and several protests. On the other hand, production decreased significantly. To reduce the noise, phone sales are being cut. You don’t need to worry just because Apple has to deal with a high demand for the iPhone 14 Pro.

iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Nevertheless, according to TrendForce, the monopoly on Apple products by Foxconn is falling to a conclusion. Apple wants to diversify its equipment production so that it can better handle the problems in one of the factories in the future. He’s very bored by the corona outbreak in Shenzhou and now it has already looked for several manufacturers for the next big iPhone. Apple would’ve approached Luxshare for this.

Currently, Luxshare has an in-house factory in Vietnam where it produces numerous Apple items. The company had no plans of adding a new production line, but that would be enough. Finally, the iPhone 15 Promax will be produced in China again. The Chinese Luxshare factory aims to build iPhones.

iPhone 14 Pro.

In order to buy the iphone 14 Pro, things aren’t very rosy at the moment. The production of these devices is still only at Foxconn. While the factories aren’t running in full capacity, it can take the latter a while. So Apple is also looking for an aided phone for its flagship. They might wish to cut production costs by 2022, but six million iPhone 14 Pros will have to roll out the line first.


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