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Apple products that aren’t pricey

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Although smartphone prices are not normally cheap in our country, there have been significant gains in prices recently due to the fluctuation of Dollar-TL. Most of the phones with high-end hardware features, known as flagships, have exceeded 20 thousand TL. This situation had put consumers in the search of cheap phones.

But even cheap phones push people towards minimal wages. Why pay a minimum to have a lbw? Of course, buying a smartphone is difficult, but we looked at what you could do to start small.

Apple products that can be bought on minimum wage!


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Apple accessories such as AirPods, Apple TV, Apple Pencil, AirTag offer competitive prices abroad. In spite of the economic conditions in the country, we could easily be included in these units.

For those who want to purchase an appropriate one of the hardware or smart home products as well as the Apple ecosystem products, what can be purchased with the new minimum wage of 8 500 TL? We’ve been searching for a answer to your question.

Intended for your needs is to have the new generation Apple TV, Apple Pencil, AirTag, 20W Type-C charger, MagSafe Powerbank. With the periodic discounts of Gurgencler, you can buy these products at more affordable prices.


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