Apple releases limited edition AirPods Pro for the New Year


The technology company from Cupertino launched a new special and limited edition of its latest TWS Bluetooth headsets. A new gadget, which has been celebrated on January 22th, has emerged to its origins.

It’s the second time that Apple launched a special edition of one of its products in order to celebrate the occasion in question. This year, the product picked by Tim Cooks was its Pods Pro with laser engraving commemorating the Year of the Rabbit.

Apple celebrates New Year’s Chinese New Year with an exclusive AirPod Special Edition.

The exclusive laser engraving of the theme version of the Apple AirPods Pro 2.

While the AirPods isn’t cheap, it’s not a coincidence that the special edition of the Pro 2 will only be sold on Apple stores in Greater Asia. They will be used amongst other sectors: China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The box, the cardboard casing, which has its own graphics, is also the transport and charging box used for the earphones with the symbology above. The rabbit pattern is printed in red in this case.

You should be aware that, apart from these two recordings, on the product box, and on the charging and transport box of the earphones themselves, nothing is changing. This means we are facing the same pair of Bluetooth TWS headsets that Apple has for the same price, even though it is on the same price.

Previously, they use unique editions as a tradition for Apple.

This laser engraving exclusive of the theme version of the Apple AirPods Pro 2.

These products are now available at Apples online stores in the above countries. These souvenirs appeal to collectors and those who like that occasion, particularly – symbolized in Asia, and then, the symbology of the Year of Rabbit.

We also remember that, to celebrate the arrival of 2022, Apple launched the first generation AirPods Pro a limited edition edition of the Year of the Tiger. Before that, it released a special, limited edition album called a bud. Since we were one year old, we had the AirPods Pro Year of Taurus in 2020.

Merry New Year to all!


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