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Apple Watch Series 9 and the Alpha Two are still advanced and developing a new production technology

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We must wait about a few days.

According to Bloomberg, the next smartwatch series, the second generation Apple Watch Ultra and the second generation is going to have some improvements that haven’t been discussed online yet.

The optical heart rate sensor is expected to be updated. It’s the fourth one by Apple. A new U2 (ultra wideband) chip will be fitted with improved device tracking capabilities, but, as of now, it is not known when this sensor works in the United States, but the other sensors will become more accurate and efficient.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 is first available in black. Both models use recycled materials, too. And the Apple Watch Series 9 case is due to be partially printed on a 3D printer.

It is stated that Apple will concentrate a significant amount on speeding up the new watch thanks to an updated processor, that hasn’t been updated in Apple’s smartwatch for three years now.

Some other Apple Watch series 9 and Ultra 2 will change and out of their predecessors. They will retain their familiar design. The Apple Watch X is the 10th anniversary of the apple’s smartwatch released in 2024.

Sources: 9to5mac, bloomberg.

Author: David Sh. The date for publication is 09/09/2023.

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