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Apple will push a software update to address the iPhone 12 radiation problem

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Apple has announced that it will issue a software update to the iPhone 12 to address a radiation problem that caused France to ban sales of the three-year-old phone. After France decided to ban the sale of the device, Belgium also announced that it would investigate the issue of radiation.

In a statement obtained by Reuters, Apple said:

“We will issue a software update to users in France to conform to the protocol used by French regulators. We expect the iPhone 12 to continue to be available in France.”

The French government said it welcomed the development and said once the update was released and reviewed by the government, it would re-allow sales of the iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 is quite old now that it came out in 2020. It is no longer listed on the Apple website but can still be found at the Apple Repair Shop on its website and at third-party retailers.

Apple has argued against the French ban, saying its phone is approved by several international standards bodies. He said French regulators used a specific testing protocol and that there were no safety issues with his phone; However, it is about to release an update to lower the amount of radiation emitted by the phone.

Fortunately, the radiation issue is something Apple can only fix by issuing a software update so users can hold on to their existing iPhone 12 and simply update them when the update is ready. If the problem couldn’t be solved with a software update, it could be anything from a product recall to a ban on iPhone 12 sales, but with the software update, that’s not the case.

Regulators around the world test mobile devices to make sure they emit radiation below safe levels to help protect consumers. As long as radiation is kept below these levels, devices pose no risk to users.

source: Reuters

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