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Apple’s iphone 15 ruined the Samsung and Xiaomis plans for 2023

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If you didn’t know, both Xiaomi and Samsung are preparing for the end of 2023, for the launch of two or three new smartphones. We have the Xiaomi 11T and 13T Pro that will be announced in September, and of course, on Samsung, we’re talking about the Galaxy S23 FE, so that this friendlier range is available for consumers.

But Apple, in addition to ruining other more important plans for 2024 (well talk about it later), a lot of tyranny – one of its best rivals – ruined these two launches.

The iPhone 15 ruined Samsung and Xiaomis plans for 2023.

Since every leak and rumors pointing to an Apple eager to climb prices, the North American giant decided to go the opposite direction in several critical regions of the world.

For example, in Portugal the most important versions of the iPhone became cheaper. We were talking about the iPhone 15 which dropped to 989, and, of course, the iPhone 15 Pro which dropped to 1249.

Apple put two birds with one stone into a coma. What rabbit are these? Both Samsung and Xiaomi! Clear!

Xiaomi’s 13T is a Xiaomi device.

As? Of course in the grand scheme of things, who would care about an Android price of 800900, while Apple has the iPhone 15 with the same exact design as Pro models, 989?

It will be pure madness!

This results in an unintended risk of the entire strategy of Samsung and Xiaomi. This is not if the prices are a lot higher. Besides the rumors he has heard, he has a Xiaomi 13T a 699 that is a Xiaomi 13T Pro a 849.

The value of the first one will not be bad, but it’ll be a space that the iPad 15, will dominate without mercy.

S23 FE

We still don’t know about all the latest and more products. The device could not even be launched in Europe. In fact, I believe that if there were plans for this, after Apple’s announcement, Samsung would’ve lost much desire to continue with these.

First of all, what do you think about this? Do you think Apples move is really smart, or won’t it change anything?

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