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Ara’s new video diaries: History Untold explore her gameplay and lifeworld

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For a while, Microsoft seemed to forget that it had announced that it would publish the historical grand strategy game Ara: Untold history from developer Oxide Games back in June 2022. However, the game finally got a big spotlight a few weeks ago at Gamescom 2023 and Oxide also started a series of video dev diaries.

These dev logs continued to be posted on the game’s official YouTube channel every Friday after Gamescom. A week ago, the Second key diary video Oxide Games Design Director Michel Menard was interviewed by host Stephen Bell.

After discussing how she got into the gaming industry and how she got hired by Oxide, Menard talked about using real simultaneous turns. Ara: Untold history. She stated that players will make their turns and decisions simultaneously, rather than waiting for a player or AI to take their turn so that the next player takes their turn:

There is no difference between single player and multiplayer. It plays exactly the same way so everyone, the AI, you, your friend, takes their turn at exactly the same time and then the next turn moves on when everyone has said, “I’m done” and then everything is resolved during this one segment together.

In the latest video development diary, Bell interviews Oxid’s art director, Dorian Newcomb. This is actually the first in a multi-part video dev diary, with Newcomb talking about the fauna the dev team is creating for awake. Players will be able to see visuals that make the game world feel like you’re seeing people, animals, and other objects interact as they might in the real world. Newcomb says:

There’s a lot of stuff that goes into it and a lot of it’s actually pretty boring, you know, like you’re in a file, you’re adjusting grayscale values, you know you’re pulling 20 trees. . . But when you put it together and someone moves the camera across the landscape and you see their excitement and you see them say, “Wow, I didn’t think it would look like that.” It’s super super happy.”

Newcomb later adds that Oxide plans many post-release updates to the game, which will include content based on player feedback.

Ara: Untold history Currently set for release on PC sometime in 2024. You can Join the Ara Insider Program Now for a chance to play a pre-release build for the game.

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