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Arcane Waters adds the Pine Peaks location, animal breeding and a guild shipyard

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The location named Pine Peaks might be easily envisioned. For example, you can expect pine trees or maybe mountain peaks if you cannot really climb tall hills. In this new location, who’s recently entered the open world of Arcane Waters, there’s a new voyage, new enemies, and a new boss, will also come. The muscle lizard you see in the right face is seen above.

With this new region definitely being a highlight of the pixel pirating MMOs new update, there are still other things to enjoy, such as the addition of a new breeding program for livestock on farms, a level cap raise of 45, the ability for guilds to create a shipyard with new ship purchasing options, and new puzzles and quests to find.

Changements in that game include major damage damage by POI’s enemy, the deployment of the hack-n-slash combat model and custom animal recoloering, and more languages support, while fixes like the end of PvP benefits being earned in solo mode, and higher rarity weapons that do any suitable damage are also posted in the update.

source: Streams from the desert.


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