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Are you a problem with the BPI website? It’s not their only one!

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The BPI app and the web usually work well and when a problem arises it is resolved quickly. However, there’s been a situation that has already been reported in Reddit forums and that we have already had the opportunity to make sure something is happening. If you have some problems with the BPI app or a website, you may not be the only one.

Do you have problems with the BPI app or the web? Your not the only one!

The section with the movement canceled since 8:30pm Today, Saturday, although some reports begin a little earlier, updating the subject hasn’t been reported. That isn’t the only one problem. Some of these transfers aren’t being received, too. In fact, to try to reproduce the problem, we tried two situations. Having direct access to the account I have at BPI, nothing was spent in the account. Then we tried to pay a bill by MBWay, and although the balance does reveal that there was actually a payment, nothing exists in the movement.

Organizing isn’t as serious as it is not, as it will be a question of synchronization. However, the problem is the money derived from the transfer fee or the transfer fee for both of these accounts, when not only has it been in the weekend, but also between services that have instant access to the funds. It will eventually be possible to recover this money, but it will always require some work, as time will be wasted in the usual exchange between receipts, and not only that. What really happened?

We call the BPI-Line to confirm that there is indeed a problem this morning but it’s now being analyzed. The movements are actually happening in the back office. The BPI can see them, with the other words. The problem comes only to the part that is available to the customer. This means that no one will miss anything.

As long as you are going through it, do not worry.

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