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Armored Core 6 images leaked on the internet

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2023 sounds like a good year for video games.

New Armored Core 6 image depicts a lot more than Rubicon.

Last year’s games had big leaks for upcoming titles. This year we started off with some new leaked images from Armored Core 6 and were expecting some more. The new images come from Gearphyr over in the Armored Core subreddit.

The post on Reddit contains twelve images which are allegedly compiled from Armored Core 6. Despite these rare images, there is more of the atmosphere of the mecha game. The poster said these were from the unfinished game.

The watermarks may have been removed from the images of the leak from six months ago. The images have blurry lines that might have been drawn over by the poster using photo editing software.

New leaks show the updated design of Armored Core mechas.

Those images are interesting, as they show gaming scenes that look cloudy and hazy, presumably from the fires that continue burning on the surface. The setting looks like a post-apocalyptic world like the Fallout or the MetroSeries of games.

According to the Legend of the War, human beings found a new energy source that ultimately led to a cataclysmic event that engulfed the Earth in flames.

The enthused mechas are similar to those of Shoji Kawamori, creator of the Macross anime series.

Masaru Yamamura previously revealed that the upcoming game was a smooth reboot of the series as well. The mecha designs might have been included in the reboot of the series.

Armored Core 6 will reboot the series on the planet Rubicon.

The next mecha game will allow players to customize their Armored Cores and display their talent in multiplayer PVP games.

Armored Core six is the first to join the series in an era of a decade in the past decade, focusing on Soulsborne games like the recent winner of the Games of the Year! The series Demons Souls, Sekiro and Bloodborne have been helping make FromSoftware one of the most famous game developers in the action RPG genre.

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