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Aroged: Japan’s authorities are ready to help with the emergence of a second TSMC in the country

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It is not just in words, but also in money.

According to Reuters, Yoshihiro Seki, the chairman of the relevant government residifying the Japan parliament, that represents the interests of the country’s political party, yesterday said TSMC plans to build another plant in Japan. Now with the support of Sony and Denso, the Taiwanese contract chip maker is building his first facility, which will start working in 2024. The existing $8.6 billion project will be financed by the country’s government by less than half.

Image Source: The Japan Times.


3070 for 50 tr in Citylink.

MSI 3050 for 28 tr in Citylink for $900.

For more than 100 years, 4080 of the old price in Regarde for 100+.

Computers from 10 tr in Citylink were developed in the month of July.

76.13000 x 62 according to the OLD course.

5 types of 4090 in Citylink – at normal prices.

Get new 13700K, and KF cheap by Regard.

RTX 4080 6 is related to the same of Regard.

Ryzen 7600 4.7GHz price dropped.

13600K is very cheap at Regard.

The Japanese parliamentarian showed that the TSMCs are ready to support expansion of investment in the local industry, signaling they are interested in gaining advanced lithographic technology. Since TSMCs first venture will produce 28 and 12 nm chips for Sony, and it would be a bit complicated to call it advanced from this point of view. Similarly, the rapidus consortium, created with the help of the authorities, should start producing heavy production of 2-nm products by 2027.


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