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Aroged: Last quarter, Ampere and Hopper were in the same supply structure as NVIDIA accelerators

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Hopper will continue the progress.

The NVIDIA CFO Colette Kress admitted that Ampere architecture accelerators still have huge potential for a large part of the supply, however their manyer, more advanced Hopper architecture successors have been formally proposed for a long time. In order to be more precise, last quarter accelerators of the two families were delivered by NVIDIA customers approximately identically.

Image Source: NVIDIA.

The company’s management predicts that Hopper architecture will remain valid. Customers, as explained by the NVIDIAs CFO, often implement the second phase of a project originally designed for accelerators of a particular generation, so they could easily afford their first time. However, in the coming quarters, Hopper boosters will increase their supply, and the numerical superiority should be on their side, as says Colette Kress.

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