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Aroged: Restored demand for smartphones can’t be anticipated until the end of next year

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Time, noboru interview.

According to Bloomberg, Noboru Saito, leader of the Japanese smartphone battery supplier TDK, gave one of the most pessimistic forecasts for the smartphone market. He believes that demand for them will return only by the end of next year.

Image Source: TDK.

The head of TDK explained, the current situation in the smartphone market will continue till the middle of next year, so the demand will have begun. Only the release of new models in the second half of 2023 will help revive the market. The fiscal year on the calendar of Japanese companies ends in March, and with the current period of financial reporting, TDK hopes to sell nearly 1.2 billion smartphones. This is 10% less than originally planned.


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TDK production 60 percent, and sells 50 percent of its products in China, so the region will remain one of the company’s most important regions. The China market is still the world’s biggest. It isn’t expected to reduce its presence in China nor significantly expand it.

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