Aroged: Samsung is ready to ship DDR5 chips in a possible package that enables the AMD Zen 4 platform


They will come in 12nm class and help speed up to one-to-one levels.

While competitors are talking about overstocking warehouses and the need to reduce capital expenditures, Samsung Electronics announces its readiness to test a variety of storage platforms based on EUV lithography in 2023.

Samsung has installed a new equipment.


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AMD is joining Samsung’s press release. Moreover, these chips have been tested for compatibility with its Zen family platforms. Since DDR5 support is currently only provided by Zen 4 architecture, it is obvious that we’re talking about compatibility with this. Samsung adds that the new memory chips offer the industry’s highest silicon wafer density — resulting in a 20-fold increase in yield per unit area. In addition to the energy consumation reduced by 12%, the actual generation’s memory. The Korean company will open up new memory in 16-gigabit chips next year.


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