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Aroged: Strategic investors are willing to buy arm shares worth up to $735 million

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SoftBank will eventually gain about $4,87 billion.

Until now, it was believed that the aforementioned investors could benefit from a large client from the Arms stock market as part of a IPO. Despite the official softbank documents relating to these events, CNBC now reports that strategic investors are ready to buy arm shares for a total of seven35 million dollars.

Reuters is a source of pictures.

In particular, the head of NVIDIA, Jen-Hsun Huang, wouldn’t hesitate to speak in support of the IPO, which he did not achieve last year due to the opposition from regulators. MediaTek gave a video of the issuer to honor the upcoming IPO.

The Japanese company SoftBank will retake almost 90 % of their capital after the postposition of Arm shares in the US. A plan has been to give out 5.5 million shares at prices ranging from $500 to $300 per share. A subscriber still holds the right to acquire 7 million more shares. All this will make it easy for us to estimate the arms capitalization at a maximum of 54,5 milliard dollars, while after deducting commissions and other expenses, SoftBank will not be able to earn more than 4.87 milliard. It’s significantly lower than originally calculated.


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