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Aroged: Tesla Model X and Model S are just now ready to return to the Chinese market after restyling

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Nearly two years have passed.

When Tesla released the Model X and Model S two years ago, in order to keep both electric vehicles and restyled on the conveyor, and in the context of a pandemic and an interruption in the supply of chips, this process slowly started. In the same year, the supply of new cars returned to the European market. Both models are made only in the United States, so the updated cars haven’t been delivered to the Chinese market since the first of the electric car makers.

According to Electrek, the Chinese representative office just preparing to present the update versions of Model X and Model S two years ago to the local public, and on January 6th, the prices will be announced in the current half of the year.

The image source: Tesla.

So, Chinese customers will have the most powerful modifications of Models S and X with the Plaid suffix in the title. Chinese manufacturers have become very competitive in terms of the popularity of luxury cars and these new venomous vehicles are always popular. For Tesla, a return to the market will not be easy, given the long absence and increased competition.


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According to the fact that both models can’t participate in this program because of their high cost, the last two days in December were characterized by the provision of discounted models for models S and X in the sum of $7,500, that can’t be explained easily. In essence, Tesla was simply trying to improve its Fourth-quarter deliveries with expensive electric vehicles, not just the mass-produced Model 3 and Model Y that it began discounting in December.


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