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Aroged: The gate 3 has gotten great for gamers and sets another live record on Steam

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The recipe for good games is partly philosophical: it’s impossible to sell a perfect product, but you can find something for that ideal. When there is a paradox in our time, there are many games. The only other half is enough to make a good game by following the agenda unnecessarily without losing it. By any chance this is the success of Baldurs Gate 3 from Larian Studios, who today set another absolute online record on Steam.

At the time of this writing, almost 800.000 people played at the same time on Steam, and this number is constantly increasing.

I really don’t remember that the developers themselves, led by Sven Vincke, director of Larian Studios, didn’t expect such successful projects, and he told them to count on 100 thousand people, so they put their confidence on them.

According to the ratings on Steam, it is highly positive and 93 percent – of course the most relevant.

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