Aroged: video by Oscar v. Evil Dead


There is a chainsaw.

People who’ve ever seen “The Evil Dead” feel no pain for an idea of a new trailer. This video appeared on Warner Bros. Pictures in two editions at once. A trailer is simple: It has all the violence in the original version, while its censored version doesn’t contain any breathtaking moments.

It’s known for certain that Bruce Campbell, known for his popularity in the Evil Dead, won’t appear in the fifth part. he is a disembodied xynathan. A similar actor sat in the executive director’s chair.

In the new “The Dead of Evil” is a story of the meeting between two sisters. Second, three children are raised by themselves. But, as you can imagine, things aren’t going according to plan. The children have found a secret book in the book Necronomicon.


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The trailer also showed the demon-possessed human, blood, and a chainsaw. This film is going to be made in a high-rise building in Los Angeles. The film’s premiere is set for April 21 this year.


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