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As for CS:GO fans, it’s annoying to leave the movie “Gers8” in between the rounds. I hate it, its annoying to me

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Gamers8, a sports festival that will host a $1 million CS:GO tournament with the world’s best teams. And while the match was a great experience, fans criticised one aspect of the production the loud music has played after the match.

The song is played on any broadcast, not just the official, so fans don’t have to avoid it if they don’t alter the livestream. In doing that, they ended up losing the casters breaking down the way they were played and what the teams could do next.


Even though CS:GO fans want Gamers8 to cease playing the music after the rounds are over via Twitch chat, Reddit and Twitter, the tournament organizer kept it at least for the ongoing series between Defe Clan and Virtus Pro.

I’ve ever heard it and hoped they didn’t use it all around, but they did, And I hate it, it’s annoying, one fan wrote on Reddit. I saw this song close to the end of the match, no way did they change it today, the production was much worse today compared to yesterday, another fan wrote on Reddit.

Please Gamers8 stop that music after each round is ending by u/Futiz in GlobalOffensive.

Just me or this music after every round gets really annoying? #Gamers8 #CSGO.

RiseUp (@Surrise_12_) August 17:2023.

Gamers8 can only fix this issue by stopping playing the music after each round is finished and playing the song only when the match is done. CS:GO fans want the organizer to do that sooner rather than later since the tournament runs till Sunday, Aug 20.


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