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As Fortnitemares is underway, for instance the game’ll embed an official Alan Wake gameplay experience in it

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Who wouldn’t like to play the Somber and atmospheric Alan Wake in Fortnite cartoon-y, mostly more colorful pastiche? Yes! I’m sure that there is an official minigame with Alan Wake in the online shooter, as a new and more powerful version will give its name back to the original design from over 10 years ago.

The award-winning film adaptation Alan Wake: Flashback redefines Remedy Entertainment’ iconic story in Fortnite. Alan Wake tries desperately to search for Alice, his missing wife. Following her disappearance from Bright Falls, the Pacific Northwest city with a mysterious name, then finds pages of some horror that she’s accused as having written. The story isn’t memory-based anymore and still has nothing to do with this phenomenon!

In contrast to the action thriller game and what Fortnite is actually trying for, its cross-pollution will continue with the shooters’ efforts in an ongoing Fortymares Halloween event which will add some Anthony Wake cosmetic on all 28th of October along well as other plastic items from multiple IP networks like Jack Skellington or Michael Meyer.

The new minigame is open to the gamers if they really want another unique experience in their battle-ring shooter. It would totally look weird but this is a game where someone created an MDR raid boss. You could really see anything going that soon, right?

Source: press release.

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